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05.23.12 -- A Novel Affinity Adsorbent For The Capture And Removal Of Endotoxin

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A Novel Affinity Adsorbent For The Capture And Removal Of Endotoxin
By Bastiaan Lobbezoo, Jennifer Walden, Paul Beckett, Jason Shipp, and Sharon Williams, ProMetic BioSciences Ltd.
Frequently there is reliance on established purification steps such as ion-exchange chromatography to remove endotoxin, though separating LPS from proteins can be very challenging — and is not always achievable by this approach. This poster describes a novel, nontoxic, and highly stable synthetic affinity adsorbent (EtoxiClear™) identified for the capture and removal of endotoxin from a wide range of biological products.
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Skid-Mounted Liquid Chromatography Systems
By Mark McGlynn, IPEC
IPEC provided three skid-mounted liquid chromatography systems to Cook Pharmica, located in Bloomington, Indiana. The systems consisted of piping, valves, pumps, filters, bubble traps, and instrumentation, and are suitable for operation under cGMP guidelines. The systems are capable of in-place cleaning and sanitization. Read more.

Peptide Purification Using A New 150Å Reversed-Phase Silica
By Reno Nguyen, Scott Anderson, and Julia Poncher, Grace Materials Technologies
Peptide therapeutics have been recognized as delivering the best of both worlds in terms of small molecule synthesis efficiency and biologics efficacy and reduced toxicity. Read more.

A High-Capacity Cation Exchanger For Process Purification Of Monoclonal Antibodies
By Xuemei He, Jiali Liao, Jie He, and Mark Snyder, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Nuvia S is a high-capacity strong cation exchanger designed for optimal bioprocessing performance. It is built on the macroporous rigid UNOsphere™ base matrix, through the incorporation of polymeric surface extenders with optimized density of sulfonate groups. Read more.


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