Newsletter | September 16, 2021

09.16.21 -- A CDMO Can Execute The Art Of The Transfer


A bad tech transfer can mean trouble down the line: problems with the initial batches, analytical testing, packaging, and, potentially, patient safety. As a result, it is essential to take the extra time and effort to map out a successful tech transfer so that product quality does not become an issue and to save time and resources.

In this edition, you will learn how partnering with a CDMO for your tech transfer can reduce risks, increase efficiency, and deliver reliability.

Tech Transfer For Oral Products

With the right CDMO, a proper tech transfer offers an opportunity to re-examine quality, process procedures, and supply chain issues, including provider partnerships.

What Is Driving Vaccine Tech Transfer?

As COVID-19 booster shot production is about to get underway, non-COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are seeking manufacturing capacity. Working with a CDMO who understands your project can make the transfer less daunting.

The Risks And Rewards Of Tech Transfer
Each tech transfer comes with a unique set of complex processes. Learn from these experts about the five features of a successful tech transfer.
Accelerating The Start Of Your Outsourced Pharmaceutical Project: Role Of The Project Technical Review -- Part 2

Part 2 in this series focuses on the gap that exists between the project technical review and the assessing of a potential CDMO's capabilities and anticipated project timing to determine necessary resources and outline deliverables.

A Networked And Agile Scale-Up

Networked organizational structures encourage the multidirectional flow of information and are better able to adapt rapidly and easily.

Meet The Scientist: Dr. Peng Zhang
While pursuing a career as a medical doctor, Peng Zhang realized there were limited treatments for patients suffering from a variety of diseases. She made the decision to fill that void by focusing on discovering and developing therapeutics.
Don't Miss Out: e-book — A Comprehensive Guide To Aseptic Manufacturing

Aseptic manufacturing requires expertise and careful planning for successful execution. This new e-book provides valuable insight and guidance on aseptic manufacturing, sterile fill/finish, and supporting activities, such as analytical research and development and tech transfer.