Newsletter | May 5, 2021

05.05.21 -- 4 Tips To Navigating The Biopharma Fast Lane

Viral Vector Scale-Up: How Can We Bridge The Technology Gaps?

Unlocking the full potential of viral vector-based therapies requires an understanding of existing challenges in viral vector production and which technologies are now available in upstream and downstream processing to help address them.

Accelerating cGMP Production Using Rapid Tech Transfer

Many factors are enhancing performance but creating cost pressures for today’s drug manufacturers, such as the added complexity of modern biologics and increased competition across the industry. Learn how a successful tech transfer is possible only with effective communication, diligent project management, and a wide range of expertise.

Improve Bioprocessing Efficiency With A Standardized Automation Platform

As you integrate automation in a biomanufacturing facility, you may consider either equipment level automation or a comprehensive, distributed control system (DCS) to realize integration and control capabilities. Choosing the right option for your company will depend on where you are in your digital plant maturation process and where you want to get to in the future.

Achieving Business Continuity In Pharma During COVID-19 Restrictions

The SARS COVID-19 global pandemic has had a major impact on public health as well as many aspects of everyday life. SaudiVax, a manufacturer of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently faced its own challenges as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Learn how a virtual factory acceptance testing solution still allowed SaudiVax to advance their manufacturing plan.