News | June 30, 2008

Energy Star Compliant 24 Cubic Foot Flammable Storage Freezer Available From MIDSCI

Source: MIDSCI

Nor-Lake Scientific, a leader in the scientific refrigeration industry, and MIDSCI, a provider of dependable and innovative products for life science research and biotechnology for over 25 years, announce the immediate availability of a 24 cubic foot flammable storage freezer.

"Nor-Lake produces an industrial quality freezer. We are secure in knowing that laboratory scientists and researchers in the scientific community now have an option in a heavy duty refrigeration system to maintain their valuable products and samples," commented MIDSCI President Larry Degenhart.

The Nor-Lake Scientific Flammable 24 cubic foot storage freezer provides an adjustable temperature range to –20c with a manual defrost insuring that no valuable samples are damaged due to uncontrollable cycles of automatic defrost. The Energy Star compliant rating combined with the US or Canadian warranty provides the laboratory scientist with long-term security and economy in operation.

Founded in 1983 MIDSCI provides dependable and innovative products for life science research and biotechnology. MIDSCI is based at 280 Vance Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63088.