Newsletter | May 4, 2021

05.04.21 -- 10 Reasons Formulation Complexity Is On The Rise In Steriles

10 Reasons Formulation Complexity Is On The Rise In Steriles

Complexity is rising in sterile injectables, driven by factors that include formulation and delivery. Reduce complexity and save time on the way to IND authorization and first-in-human trials.

Impact Of A Pandemic Outbreak On Vaccine Development Approach

With the spread of COVID-19 intensifying, scientists, together with pharmaceutical companies, are reinventing how to bring life-saving drugs to market faster without impacting product quality, safety, or efficacy. However, several challenges with traditional methods need to be overcome to reduce the vaccine distribution timeline.

Drug Repurposing Trends And Approaches For Shortening Timelines

As the complexity of drug development increases, so does the industry’s focus on strategies and solutions that can help bring advanced products to market as quickly as possible. One approach is drug repurposing, where known clinical candidates or commercially approved molecules are evaluated for new targets and indications.

Sterile Formulation Strategies For First-In-Human Studies

In the long and costly path to market, early development decisions to prepare a molecule for its clinical journey are among the most critical. Creating a complex formulation from the start can potentially add challenges and bottlenecks that may slow you down in later phases.