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  • How Can You Mitigate The Risks Of Single-Use Bags?
    How Can You Mitigate The Risks Of Single-Use Bags?

    The loss of product as a result of bag failure isn’t just an annoyance; it’s an expense, and a costly one at that. However, Chuck Hart, director of manufacturing at Prolong Pharmaceuticals, says with proper fitting and handling, these concerns can be mitigated.

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Cation Exchange & Anion Exchange Membranes:  Natrix® HD Membrane Technology Cation Exchange & Anion Exchange Membranes: Natrix® HD Membrane Technology

Natrix HD Membranes offer a breakthrough in membrane architecture that will forever change downstream purification. Available in two chemistries: Q (strong anion exchange) and Sb (strong cation exchange and hydrophobic group).

sCMOS Cameras for OEM sCMOS Cameras for OEM

These new OEM cameras from Hamamatsu feature an advanced scientific CMOS (sCMOS) image sensor capable of high resolution, fast frame rates, and low noise simultaneously. With their small size, board-level design, and simple, low-cost integration, these OEM cameras are ideal for imaging in life science, failure analysis, and semiconductor inspection.

HyPerforma™ Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.) HyPerforma™ Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.)

The S.U.F. is engineered for optimal oxygen mass transfer, mixing, and temperature control, and performs comparably to traditional stainless steel systems. Using traditional, fundamental engineering principles, scale-up and process development work is streamlined – offering you cost savings and efficiency. 

Flexsafe Single-Use Bags Flexsafe Single-Use Bags

Standard Flexsafe 2D validation bags made of the new polyethylene S80 film are designed for small scale investigations and for the validation of the Flexsafe bag family. They are available in 150 mL and 500 mL volumes to support end users’ process development and validation testing. Flexsafe bags have been designed by combining material science and a Quality by Design approach to provide outstanding cell growth, robustness and assurance of supply for all process steps of biomanufacture.

ProVance™ Prepacked Protein A Columns ProVance™ Prepacked Protein A Columns

ProVance™ Protein A Columns are a portfolio of single campaign-use columns designed for GMP purification of monoclonal antibodies. Prepacked with Grace® Protein A resin and available in a range of sizes, these columns expedite purification steps and help improve overall downstream productivity. The columns come complete with a regulatory support file and since they are disposable, eliminate the need for tedious clean in place and column packing procedures. ProVance™ columns can give you a competitive advantage by reducing non-value added labor steps and allowing focus on more important downstream processing tasks.

Pharmaceutical Containment of Powders Pharmaceutical Containment of Powders

Storage of pharmaceutical compounds is a function of the storage process and not a specific containment driven requirement per se. This is the case whether you are processing in a contained fashion or performing non-contained processing into open kegs with simple drum liners.

Single Use Biopharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment Single Use Biopharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment

ILC Dover brings a unique history and skill set to the biopharmaceutical industry, particularly single use biopharmaceutical powder handling and containment equipment.

ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25

The single-use ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system is a reliable and intuitive cell culture device for working volumes up to 25 L.

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