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  • Divergent Approaches To Stem Cell Regulation
    Divergent Approaches To Stem Cell Regulation

    Stem cells and other regenerative medicine products offer considerable benefits to patients as well as potential financial rewards for companies. At the same time, cell-based therapies present challenges to regulators because, in many cases, they involve withdrawing cells from a patient’s bone marrow, blood or adipose tissue, growing cells in vitro with minimal to extensive manipulation, and then administering in some form the expanded (and possibly modified) cells population back into the patient.

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  • Modeling Time-Dependent Processes More Accurately To Improve Quality And Control

    Batch processes are common in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, beverage and chemical industries. When building models across various batches one may often encounter varying batch lengths and the batches may start from various relative points of time in a chemical context. Batch Modeling is important for process development and understanding the process for batch similarity and why some batches give a product quality outside the specifications.

  • Integrating Safety And Immunogenicity Assessments Into The Biopharma Preclinical Development Process

    Efficacy, safety, immunogenicity and manufacturability issues play a large role in the high attrition rate of biopharmaceutical candidates each year. To help reduce the risk of failure, tools to address the developability of preclinical candidates have been established.

  • The Implications Of Inaccurate Forecasting In Biologic Drug Substance Manufacturing And Strategies To Mitigate Risks
    The Implications Of Inaccurate Forecasting In Biologic Drug Substance Manufacturing And Strategies To Mitigate Risks

    The biopharmaceutical market is undergoing tremendous transformation. Speed to develop and manufacture product has become a critical driver with increased competition and the pressure to be first to market. New process technologies, advances in cell line development and more targeted and complex therapeutic classes have created a challenging biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment with new capacity requirements.

  • Assumption-Free Modeling Of Time-Dependent Processes

    Join this webinar to learn more about this unique approach and how you can benefit from it in different situations. Our Chief Scientific Officer will share the theory and background behind the solution and demonstrate how Unscrambler® X Batch Modeling from CAMO can improve the way we manage time-dependent processes and as an effect, get better quality control, detect events early and overall help improve quality of products and processes.

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