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  • The Direct-To-Patient Model: Your Top 10 Q&A

    In clinical trials, a direct-to-patient model allows for drug therapies to be delivered and administered in the patient’s home and/or biological samples to be taken and uplifted from the patient’s home. Depending on the complexity of the trial protocols, patients may take medicines themselves, or rely on a homecare nurse or caregiver for clinical support. Because the direct-to-patient model allows the patient to participate in the clinical trial from home, it reduces the need for them to travel to the investigator site, increasing the likelihood they will agree to participate and decreasing the possibility that they will drop out of the study.

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  • Clinical Trial Logistics In Africa: Ensuring Quality, Compliance And Control

    Today’s Africa has increasingly become a source of fascination for pharmaceutical researchers drawn to the study and control of both communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS as well as diseases of the developed world like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and chronic respiratory disease. By World Courier

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