Product Showcase

  1. Single-use Clarification Systems: Sartoclear Dynamics®

    Sartoclear Dynamics® is a new single-use technology for harvesting animal cell cultures with high cell densities. Consistent results, ease of use, enormous speed and flexible scalability are the key characteristics of this technology.

  2. ScanBook

    ScanBook is a high-speed booklet scanner designed for the medical device and pharmaceutical markets to address the need for quality control of multiple page documents and user guides. ScanBook allows the user to scan and inspect any document effortlessly using automatic settings and custom profiles.

  3. Proofware

    Proofware is the world's first all-in-one web-based packaging inspection suite, giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork. Proofware offers a variety of web-based packaging Quality Control applications to seamlessly proofread PDF files throughout the workflow process, catching any undetected errors before it’s too late.


    We are pleased to present the new PIPETGIRL, a limited pink edition of PIPETBOY acu 2. The PIPETGIRL is a symbol of our commitment to support breast cancer research!

  5. Freeze Containment Systems: Acclimate

    The Acclimate system from ASI is a single-use bag and container combination used for the freezing / thawing of bio-pharmaceutical fluids in commercial equipment such as walk-in freezers, cold rooms, temperature controlled cabinets or water baths.

  6. Media Development And Optimization

    In addition to our high-performing platform basal and feed media, Irvine Scientific offers a Media Development and Optimization™ (MDO) program designed to meet our customers' unique requirements. Irvine Scientific strives to offer best-in-class performance, development time, production turnaround time, and open communication.

  7. Media Screening

    Media screening is an important step in the development process. Irvine Scientific can support this endeavor with its experience in media development and its extensive media screening library. Whether needing to screen catalog products, a few GMP-ready prototypes (CHO Media Development Kit), or several prototypes, Irvine Scientific’s media selection workflows and technical support can expedite this process.

  8. Express Media Service™

    Irvine Scientific understands the critical role that prototypes play in media development. Through our Express Media Service™ (EMS), Irvine Scientific’s lab is virtually an extension of our customers' labs.

  9. Spent Media Analysis

    To complement our media development and optimization services, Irvine Scientific offers Spent Media Analysis. This analysis provides an understanding of changes in culture conditions over time. Irvine Scientific can provide data within approximately 10 business days.

  10. Recombinant Human IL-3 ACF - Animal Component Free

    IL-3 is a pleiotropic cytokine produced primarily by activated T-cells, but it is also produced by mast cells and monocytes.

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