Product Showcase

  1. Jet Feeder System for Powder Feeding and Mixing

    The Jet Feeder is a multi purpose system for feeding powders into liquid and for low shear mixing. It is the perfect unit to use on those products that are sensitive to shear. ILC Dover completed a successful test at a pharmaceutical facility for mixing starch into solution for a tableting process. The system is cGMP, easy to clean or CIP, and will work in single pass processes or recirculating processes. JetSolutions is an ILC Dover company and is the manufacturer of the Jet Feeder.

  2. Register for a Life Sciences User Group in Your Area
  3. Automated Biomass Measurements: BioPAT® ViaMass

    BioPAT® ViaMass is a system for measuring viable biomass in cell culture processes. Unlike known reference methods, this system is completely integrated into single-use bioreactors. It determines the biomass directly in line, reducing the need for manual sampling. Integrated into the bioreactor’s DCU control system, BioPAT® ViaMass permits automatic monitoring and control of viable biomass.

  4. sCMOS Cameras for OEM

    These new OEM cameras from Hamamatsu feature an advanced scientific CMOS (sCMOS) image sensor capable of high resolution, fast frame rates, and low noise simultaneously. With their small size, board-level design, and simple, low-cost integration, these OEM cameras are ideal for imaging in life science, failure analysis, and semiconductor inspection.

  5. Single-Use Bioreactor Turnkey With G3Lite Controller

    The all-new redesigned Thermo Scientific™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) tank provides enhanced functionality, ease of use, and efficiency while maintaining interoperability with Finesse G3Lite™ controllers in both the TruBio™ DV and TruBio™ μC platforms. Either of these proprietary platforms is available with this complete turnkey system.

  6. One Film For Your Entire Upstream Production: CX5-14

    Thermo Scientific CX5-14 film is engineered to meet the most demanding requirements of your bioproduction processes.

  7. HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) Condenser System

    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) Condenser System specifically supports the effective use of the HyPerforma 2000 L S.U.B. and is also available as an auxiliary product for all other S.U.B. systems. It efficiently condenses exhaust gases and transfers condensate back into the bioreactor, preventing potential vent filter blockage and reducing fluid loss due to evaporation. It is offered in both single and double chill-plate formats.

  8. Single-use Clarification Systems: Sartoclear Dynamics®

    Sartoclear Dynamics® is a new single-use technology for harvesting animal cell cultures with high cell densities. Consistent results, ease of use, enormous speed and flexible scalability are the key characteristics of this technology.

  9. High-speed Booklet Scanner: Scanbook

    ScanBook is a high-speed booklet scanner designed for the medical device and pharmaceutical markets to address the need for quality control of multiple page documents and user guides. ScanBook allows the user to scan and inspect any document effortlessly using automatic settings and custom profiles.

  10. A Pipette That Supports Breast Cancer Research: PIPETGIRL

    We are pleased to present the new PIPETGIRL, a limited pink edition of PIPETBOY acu 2. The PIPETGIRL is a symbol of our commitment to support breast cancer research!

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