Product Showcase

  1. Antibody Drug Conjugate Services (ADC)

    As your premier service provider, Althea’s ADC service offerings will simplify your supply chain by consolidating high containment conjugation, formulation, fill finish and release and stability testing at the same facility.

  2. Drug Product Manufacturing

    Althea delivers high quality sterile contract manufacturing and thorough inspection systems that are customized to your manufacturing needs. We offer a broad range of sterile dosage forms, including prefilled syringes, liquid vials, and lyophilized vials.

  3. Drug Substance Manufacturing

    Althea’s focused expertise and capabilities in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) production of microbial-based biotherapeutics make us one of the industry’s leaders in microbial fermentation. We offer a broad range of microbial-based cGMP biologics manufacturing services to biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. Althea is a recognized leader in plasmid DNA manufacturing for vaccines and gene therapy products. Althea has demonstrated experience in developing and manufacturing nearly 300 cGMP lots of bulk drug substance and has an impeccable regulatory track record. Our comprehensive, validated equipment has been utilized to fulfill numerous drug substance projects for preclinical and clinical supply. For additional information about Althea’s drug substance manufacturing services including contract cGMP microbial fermentation and biologics manufacturing, please contact us.

  4. Drug Process Development

    Althea’s complete range of drug Process Development capabilities offers the tools to address your needs. We develop processes for producing small quantities of proteins for early testing or establish robust, reliable and scalable processes that enable a strong commercial advantage. Althea also provides access to a proprietary drug delivery platform, called Crystalomics® technology, for the development of alternative drug delivery formulations of second generation drug substances.

  5. Benchtop Crossflow System: Optimize Ultrafiltration & Diafiltration

    The SARTOFLOW® Smart is a modular and flexible small scale benchtop crossflow system optimized for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The system is suitable for use in laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials as well as for cGMP environments.

  6. Benchtop SIP Bioreactor Systems: CelliGen® 510

    The CelliGen 510 is a compact sterilizable-in-place cell culture system ideal for pilot to small scale production processes. The modular design features a wide variety of standard options allowing this system to be flexible enough to meet most process requirements.

  7. Scale-Up Seamlessly: SIP Fermentation Systems

    The Eppendorf line of New Brunswick BioFlo® Pro fermentors provides a unique solution to the need for flexibility in pilot through production-scale bioprocessing. The advanced, modular fermentation systems feature off-theshelf components to enable rapid delivery and dependability.

  8. Fermentation & Cell Culture Software: New Brunswick™ BioCommand®

    New Brunswick™ BioCommand® software packages are designed to enhance your ability to monitor and control your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer.

  9. Single-Use Fermentation Vessel: BioBLU f

    Combine the advantages of single-use bioreactor technology with the reliable performance of conventional glass or stainless steel bioreactors for your fermentation - Discover the Eppendorf BioBLU f product line.

  10. Electronic Pipettes: Xplorer® And Xplorer® plus

    The Eppendorf Xplorer pipettes are electronic single, 8 and 12 channel pipettes designed to aspirate and dispense liquid volumes from 0.5μL to 10mL while eliminating many of the potential error risks associated with manual pipetting.