Product Showcase

  1. Everteam.records for Life Sciences

    The Next Generation of Records Management and Archiving
    Managing records effectively is about reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and saving money. To meet those goals, the single most important capability of a records management system is the ability to capture, manage, provide access to, and dispose of any record, from any system, in any state.

  2. Everteam.ibpms

    Organizational Intelligence, Scalability, and Agility
    Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) have been key to improving efficiency, ensuring control, and increasing worker productivity. In a rapidly shifting marketing place – the emergence of disruptive technologies such as social, mobile, and big data, and a shift in expectations, from cutting costs and increasing efficiencies to fostering growth and delivering competitive advantages – “just” BPM is no longer enough. Organizations need to evaluate BPMS choices based on their specific business needs, and how a BPMS can create a sustainable competitive advantage that will distinguish them from competition. Businesses need systems to capture business intelligence, make it repeatable, then flex it on demand.

  3. Liquid Chromatography System For Scale-Up Biomanufacturing: ÄKTA

    ÄKTA ready is a liquid chromatography system built for process scale-up and production for early clinical phases. The system can be used with ready-to-use disposable flow paths, eliminating the need for cleaning between products/batches. Two versions of ÄKTA ready are available: one version for only isocratic use and the other with gradient capability.

  4. Single-Use Anion Exchange Membranes: ReadyToProcess™ Adsorber Q

    ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q is a range of single-use anion exchange membranes for efficient polishing of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and other large molecules at high flow rates.

  5. Single-Use, Flexible Stirred-Tank Bioreactor System: Xcellerex XDR-10

    This XDR single-use bioreactor is sized for the benchtop, yet allows smooth scale-up to full production.

  6. Single-Use Cell Culture Bioreactor Systems: Xcellerex XDR

    Xcellerex XDR Single-Use Bioreactor Systems provide scalable and robust stirred-tank performance for up to 2000 L in both GMP and non-GMP environments. Functional in batch, fed-batch and perfusion bioreactor modes, they offer smooth transfer from process development to manufacturing scale, with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of single-use technology.

  7. Assumption-Free Batch Modeling And Monitoring

    Batch modeling is a procedure that models processes changing over time, from an initial starting point to an end point, where the chemistry or biology is changing during the process. The best possible end product quality is achieved by adapting batch operations according to any detectable changes during processing, thus providing a control mechanism to drive a product towards its desired state. CAMO has developed a new batch modeling approach using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) accommodating uneven batch lengths and different chemical or biological starting points. The method models the data in relative time and is also independent of the actual sampling rate between the batches. The Batch Modeling product is available as a plug-in to The Unscrambler® X product and can also be utilised in a process monitoring scenario using Unscrambler® Process Pulse II.

  8. NDA Approval And Post Approval Services

    From 2006 through 2015, Patheon helped clients earn 92 NDA approvals. That’s  twice as many as any other CMO. Success brings more success at this stage. That’s because depth of experience, reliability of quality and refinement of processes are all important in the final push for regulatory approval and making the transition to commercial manufacturing.

  9. Small Molecule Development And Manufacturing Services

    High-quality API via the development of a scalable process that will meet demand at each stage of your product’s life cycle. Complete drug product services from preformulation screening through clinical development to commercial supply. A comprehensive range of oral solid, sterile and softgel dosage forms with expertise in high-potency products. Unique solutions to overcome the toughest solubility challenges and accelerate your path to proof of concept.

  10. Biologics Contract Development

    Comprehensive contract development. Reliable cGMP manufacturing. Gain a competitive advantage in both by choosing Patheon for your biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars. You’ll have access to end-to-end, fully integrated services for both drug substances and drug products, delivered on time and on budget. A simplified supply chain that accelerates development and keeps you ahead in the rapidly changing world of biologics.