1. Tips For Better Fixed Sample Preparation For Fluorescence Microscopy

    Multiple processing steps are required to prepare tissue culture cells for fluorescence microscopy. Experiments are generally classified as being either live or fixed cell microscopy.

  2. FDA & ICH: Regulations And Standards For Temperature-Controlled Supply Chains

    In this application note we look at the FDA regulations and ICH guidelines that address supply chain management for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and biotechnical products.

  3. Big Data Analytics: The Next Evolution In Drug Development

    The drug development process is complex and financially risky. A recent study by The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development estimates the cost of developing a new drug at $2.6 billion and suggests that costs of drug development are rising with a compound annual growth rate of 8.5 percent.

  4. The Benefits Of Establishing A Consortium For Drug R&D

    Scientific research is a cooperative enterprise. Researchers working today are standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before, and they are paving the way from the next generation of scientists. Today's researchers attend conferences and exchange ideas in a collaborative effort to solve the puzzles of nature. Commercializing medical treatments and profiting from discoveries is much more competitive, sometimes inhibiting further research into a disease because of the need to monetize intellectual property.

  5. Rare Diseases And Intellectual Property: Creative IP Strategies

    In recent years, medical research and drug development have transformed the outlook of countless people living with diseases that were formerly untreatable. Desire for tenable treatments and cures, however, is not sufficient to prompt the ongoing development of new therapies. Policymakers now face a challenge: to create and maintain a climate that fosters innovations in health while providing widespread access and meeting therapeutic needs.

  6. Are There Business Benefits To Serialization Beyond Compliance?

    This may seem a complex question to answer as you begin your serialization journey. It is difficult to look beyond the significant challenges that lie ahead in this undoubtedly complex project — initial funding and stakeholder engagement, vendor selection and delivery adherence, 

  7. Can Cell Therapies Help Save Big Pharma From The Patent Cliff?

    Companies manufacturing generic drugs have already stepped in or are set to enter into markets that have been previously dominated by these blockbusters. Big pharmaceutical companies must develop, out-license, or acquire therapies that target important indications and which are protected by strong patents for extended periods of time. 

  8. Trial Trends and Supply Solutions

    Discussing inventory management challenges and strategies around conducting global clinical trials.

  9. Safety Considerations For Gas Filtration In High-Temperature

    Gas filtration using sterilization-grade filters is a key part of the production, manufacturing and packaging process of biopharmaceuticals and other products. While it may seem a simple step, there are major safety considerations that have to be taken in to account to protect staff, equipment and facilities from hazard, particularly when working in high temperature and oxygen enrichment applications.

  10. Seahorse Bioscience Keeps Product Development Information In Sync With Omnify Empower

    Seahorse Bioscience provides analytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems, and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery. Seahorse technology is used to advance understanding of the role of cell metabolism in neurodegeneration, aging, cancer, cardiovascular, cell physiology, toxicology and hepatobiology, immunology, infectious diseases, mitochondrial diseases, model organisms, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, screening, and translational medicine.

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