1. Multivariate Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiment (DOE) Applications In One

    The Unscrambler® X Design-Expert® Upgrade. In this product upgrade the existing DOE module in The Unscrambler® X will be replaced with Design-Expert® from Stat-Ease, providing users with two powerful data analysis applications in one.

  2. The Next Generation Drug Delivery Devices

    An exciting trend in drug delivery is underway: the movement toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices that allow patient-administered therapy. Inspired by the technological advancements driving the consumer electronics market, new methods for drug delivery show great promise for all stakeholders.

  3. Systems Engineering For Complex Portable Medical Device Development

    As the demand for complex, portable medical devices continues to grow, reducing risk and increasing efficiency during the development of these products should be paramount.

  4. Wireless Dose-Compliance Monitoring In Drug-Delivery Devices

    Incorporating wireless technology into medical devices is about more than just keeping up with the hottest technology trends; the benefits are real and significant, especially with regard to monitoring and encouraging dose compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical realm.

  5. Quality Dedicated Contract Manufacturer

    Phillips-Medisize has one of the industry's most robust quality systems in design, development and manufacturing and our facilities adhere to the most rigorous quality standards.

  6. Drug Delivery Device Regulatory and Quality Services

    Drug Delivery Device Quality, Without Compromise

  7. Drug Delivery Device Plastic Injection Molding Service

    Delivery Device Plastic Injection Molding, From Concept to Commercialization

  8. Pilot Phase and Clinical Trials Development Services

    Drug Delivery Device Product Development Support Services

  9. How to Maximize Efficiencies of Medical Product Development During Pilot Phases and Clinical Trials

    The principal means of controlling the many variables in medical product development is to select the right supplier/partner, with the right mix of service offerings, to help guide your project.

  10. Drug Delivery Testing: An Ounce of Prevention

    Drug delivery testing services help you reduce costs and increase speed to market, while contributing to the overall success of your program.