1. ScanProof The World’s Fastest 64-bit Print Inspection Solution

    We invite you to attend one of our exclusive webinars introducing you to ScanProof the world’s fastest 64-bit print inspection solution for the printer, pharmaceutical and packaged goods marketplace, before its official release.

  2. Are There Business Benefits To Serialization Beyond Compliance?

    This may seem a complex question to answer as you begin your serialization journey. It is difficult to look beyond the significant challenges that lie ahead in this undoubtedly complex project — initial funding and stakeholder engagement, vendor selection and delivery adherence, 

  3. Can Cell Therapies Help Save Big Pharma From The Patent Cliff?

    Companies manufacturing generic drugs have already stepped in or are set to enter into markets that have been previously dominated by these blockbusters. Big pharmaceutical companies must develop, out-license, or acquire therapies that target important indications and which are protected by strong patents for extended periods of time. 

  4. Trial Trends and Supply Solutions

    Discussing inventory management challenges and strategies around conducting global clinical trials.

  5. Safety Considerations For Gas Filtration In High-Temperature

    Gas filtration using sterilization-grade filters is a key part of the production, manufacturing and packaging process of biopharmaceuticals and other products. While it may seem a simple step, there are major safety considerations that have to be taken in to account to protect staff, equipment and facilities from hazard, particularly when working in high temperature and oxygen enrichment applications.

  6. Seahorse Bioscience Keeps Product Development Information In Sync With Omnify Empower

    Seahorse Bioscience provides analytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems, and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery. Seahorse technology is used to advance understanding of the role of cell metabolism in neurodegeneration, aging, cancer, cardiovascular, cell physiology, toxicology and hepatobiology, immunology, infectious diseases, mitochondrial diseases, model organisms, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, screening, and translational medicine.

  7. Genomics & Tissue Phenomics: Taking A Dual Approach To Drug Development

    It can be said that 2014 was the year of genomics. The industry saw several new startups in the area, and Google's venture into the genomics market made a big splash. However, in 2015 the industry is expected to look beyond genes and focus on a dual approach to drug development leveraging data from both the genes and the tissue, particularly in oncology.

  8. Facilities Management In BioPharma: Why Is It Important?

    What is taken for granted until something goes wrong; accounts for the second highest spend (after salaries) by every organization on the planet; is essentially unknown as an industry; is a mystery job function to 99 percent of the working population, and yet, is absolutely critical to the activity and well-being of every single person who works, shops, travels, commutes or lives in public spaces?

  9. Single-Use Standardization: Is It Holding Back The Biopharma Industry?

    The data from BioPlan Associates’ 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production speaks to the industry’s ongoing desires for standardization in single-use devices. As usage of these disposable devices increases, the gap between the importance of standardization and end-users’ satisfaction with their supplier’s standardization efforts has steadily been worsening. 

  10. Prioritizing The BioPharma Portfolio – Get The Right Assets On The Bus (and The Wrong Ones Off)

    Everyone is looking for the silver bullet: the product that will change the face of biopharmaceuticals and draw blockbuster revenues. If you have one of these, you can stop reading. But if you are like most companies, your portfolio is a mix of some winners, some underachievers, and a lot of “in-betweeners.” The process of getting the right assets on the bus (and funded) in a cash-strapped environment is as much an art as a science. As consultants to the industry for many years, we’ve seen myriad processes – both good and bad. 

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