1. Bio-Monolith Protein A Monitors Monoclonal Antibody Titer From Cell Cultures

    In the biopharmaceutical industry, downstream processing for monoclonal antibody production typically includes three chromatographic steps; capture, intermediate purification, and polishing. By Phu T Duong, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

  2. ICH Q2 – the Challenge of Measuring Total Organic Carbon In Modern Pharmaceutical Water Systems

    Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is one of the quality attributes defined in the European and USA pharmacopoeias for pharmaceutical waters. Modern water treatment systems can deliver such high purity water that TOC levels can be consistently close to zero and very difficult to measure with any accuracy. This paper discusses some of the challenges when using TOC analysers to demonstrate pharmacopoeial TOC level compliance for modern water systems in the light of the ICH Q2 document from the International Conference on Harmonisation.

  3. Enhanced Assurance Of Supply For Single-Use Bags

    Single use bags’ growing adoption in the commercial production of biopharmaceutical drugs raises new challenges like consistent product quality, improved assurance of supply, robust change management and business continuity planning. By Jean-Marc Cappia, Elisabeth Vachette, Carole Langlois, Magali Barbaroux, and Heiko Hackel

  4. Envirotainer Academy

    The Envirotainer Academy offers a variety of task specific courses that can be taken online, at your pace and for free.  Classroom courses are also available and can be conducted at your site.

  5. HyClone™ HyCell™ TransFx Media Brochure

    Use one GE Healthcare HyCell TransFx media for both transient transfection and production. HyCell TransFx-H (HEK 293) and TransFx-C (CHO) media are optimized for each cell line to reduce testing and validation times from research to scale-up. These regulatory-friendly media were developed through the GE Healthcare Metabolic Pathway Design approach and provide an optimized, nutrient-rich formulation, minimizing the requirements for further supplementation and the need to switch media during the process.

  6. Innovation in Cryopreservation Brochure

    With GE Healthcare HyCryo cryopreservation medium, you can store your samples with even more confidence, knowing that our validated media design advances the post-thaw recovery, viability, and growth of your cells.

  7. HyClone™ Buffers and Process Liquids Brochure

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences HyClone cell culture products deliver validated solutions from small scale to large manufacturing. We help to optimize your process and secure your product by supplying integrated solutions for the biopharmaceutical market.

  8. HyClone™ HyCell™ CHO Medium Brochure

    As one of the leading providers of cell culture products, we continuously invest in product development to provide new, innovative solutions and services to our biopharmaceutical customers. We have more than 45 years of experience of delivering high-performing cell culture products to enable our customers to reach cost savings and productivity gains.

  9. Hyclone Cell Culture Media, Sera And Process Liquids

    In March 2014, GE Healthcare Life Sciences announced the completion of the acquisition of the HyClone cell culture media business  from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The addition of the HyClone portfolio significantly broadens our existing capabilities in life sciences research and bioprocessing. The result is a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across the whole biomanufacturing workflow, from upstream to downstream, from discovery to commercialization.

  10. ArmorFlex® Family Of Films Brochure

    At ILC Dover we are always “creating what’s next” by listening carefully to our customers. In response to customer input and emerging regulations, we’ve developed a robust new film to support our DoverPac® Containment Systems.

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