1. Leachables And Extractables In Single-Use: Trends and Expectations Over Plastics Innovation

    By Eric Langer, BioPlan Associates

    Single-use and disposable applications continue to be held back by concerns over leachables and extractables, and according to preliminary results from BioPlan Associates’ 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers, vendors do not appear to be doing enough to help combat this trend.

  2. Why Your Temperature Controlled Packaging Is Failing And What To Do About It

    Global regulatory authorities are placing increased scrutiny on documenting control over distribution environments. While there is obviously a link between your shipping conditions and your thermal protection (packages), the challenge is that there is no clear, reliable industry standard temperature profile for the design of insulated packaging systems used for the distribution of products. This is because temperature profiles for packaging design should be rationalized based on not only your product characteristics, but your distribution logistics. This paper examines the lack of consistency in the current methodology for designing temperature profiles, why commonly used standards should not be used on their own, and identifies the needed parameters for consideration.

  3. Efficiently Automate Your Biotechnology And Pharmaceutical Production

    Production technologies for pharmaceuticals are becoming more and more complex, and systems are being automated to an ever greater extent.

  4. Process Control Solutions For Biotech And Pharmaceutical Production

    Selecting and standardization on the correct valve and I/O terminal has an impact on a project through its entire life cycle. Festo terminals are designed specifically for the industry and can reduce installation footprint, cabling, installation time, and maintenance costs.

  5. We Know Bioprocessing: Fermentors and Bioreactors for Research Through Production

    Bioprocessing is at the heart of many industries and Eppendorf has the right solutions for all of them.

  6. Just How Big Is Big Data?

    Despite all of this interest, a great deal of confusion remains around Big Data. Not only are there never-ending debates about what Big Data is, there's a huge range of possible Big Data solutions out there to choose from, only a few of which will be appropriate for any given situation or problem.

  7. CPC General Catalog

    Colder Products Company has been designing and manufacturing quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors since 1978. Our broad range of products can be found in thousands of applications across many markets including life sciences, specialty industrial and chemical handling.

  8. Connection Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Processes Catalog

    The reliability of single-use systems results in increased productivity through the reduction of system downtime associated with cleaning and cleaning validation. Reducing downtime of key processes allows manufacturers to increase output while also decreasing time to market.


  9. Upgrade Your Chromatography System – 10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

    By upgrading from ÄKTAexplorer to ÄKTA avant chromatography system, you can improve productivity in process development. Depending on your application and how the system is operated, different ways to improve your productivity will have varying impact. Here we show 10 ways to boost your productivity.

  10. Freeze Containment Systems: Acclimate

    The Acclimate system from ASI is a single-use bag and container combination used for the freezing / thawing of bio-pharmaceutical fluids in commercial equipment such as walk-in freezers, cold rooms, temperature controlled cabinets or water baths.

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