Pittcon 2013, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science, March 17-21 2013, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you identify, quantify, analyze, or test the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, Pittcon is a must attend event for you. See all the innovations in instrumentation from leading companies from around the world, learn about the latest techniques used in your industry, select from over 2,000 technical sessions and over 100 short courses, and participate in networking opportunities with world renowned scientists. Register by February 18, 2013 at www.pittcon.org and save 50%!

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Technical Program

Short Courses

The Pittcon 2013 Exposition will give you the opportunity to witness the latest innovations in laboratory equipment, technology, and services from exhibitors from around the world. Speak with technical personnel, evaluate and compare products, attend live demonstrations, and attend vendor seminars.

A wide range of exhibitors from many disciplines are represented at Pittcon including:

  • Laboratory Apparatus, Chemicals and Supplies
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Informatics/Analytical Software
  • Green Chemistry Solutions
  • OEM Parts and Dealers
  • International Representatives
  • Scientific Publishers
  • Professional Societies
  • Contract Laboratory Services

Choose from over 2,000 diverse and impressive technical presentations by leading scientists in academia, industry, and government. The 2013 Technical Program is designed to provide the latest updates impacting all areas of laboratory science with emphasis on topics critical to today’s research, production, and operations.

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Chemical Imaging
  • Drug Discovery
  • Electrochemistry
  • Environmental
  • Food Quality/Safety
  • Forensics
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Informatics
  • Life Science
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Materials Science
  • Microfluidics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • QC/Validation
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Separation Science

Attend one of the many Conferee Networking Sessions integrated into the 2013 Technical Program to meet with colleagues from around the world in an informal setting. Brainstorm new ideas, discuss the latest innovations or resolve problems on topics of mutual interest.

Short Courses are an excellent, affordable way to enhance your professional development. Many attendees have stated that participation in Short Courses is the primary factor that justifies their attendance at Pittcon year after year.

Courses range in length from one half day to two days and are taught by experienced professionals who are experts in their fields. The value of course attendance is enhanced by the opportunities to network with your peers and share your experiences in face-to-face interactions with instructors and fellow attendees.

Why Take a Short Course?

  • Gain valuable technical knowledge in your field
  • Improve job productivity
  • Obtain training in new technologies
  • Provide career and /professional development
  • Enhance your knowledge in a particular field
  • Obtain instruction by renowned professionals who are experts in their fields
  • Take advantage of affordable costs compared to other venues




  • Technical Presentations by presenters from past Pittcon’s such as:
    • Analytical Applications of Quantum Cascade and Interband Cascade Lasers
    • An Open Source Research Notebook
    • Techniques for Data Analysis of AnIML Files
    • Ultrapure Water in Trace Ion Analysis
  • Archive of informative webinars sponsored by Pittcon and Wiley
    • 3 steps to simpler QA/QC of Polymeric Materials
    • Exploiting LC-Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry technologies for the Low Level Quantitation of Estrogens (E1 and E2) in Serum Without Sample Derivatisation
    • Solving routine challenges – new ICP-MS technology for increased sample throughput and reliable, best-in-class performance
    • Solve Challenging Applications Never Possible Before… ICP-QQQ Has Transformed ICP-MS Technology
  • Archive of monthly conferee e-newsletters
  • Pittcon news articles


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