With > 20 years of drug development experience, Therapure is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that helps develop and manufacture therapeutics for biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes. With our integrated services, Therapure's clients have the ability to Start With Us and Stay With Us.

Mission statement:
Therapure is a Canadian-based biopharmaceutical company committed to the development, manufacture, purification, and packaging of rare and complex biotherapeutics.

We provide our clients with customized solutions, leveraging our modern, multi-purpose cGMP manufacturing facility, quality systems, project management processes and highly experienced staff.

Our scientific, process development, and manufacturing expertise, along with our intimate understanding of advanced biology, complex proteins, and quality process, enable us to develop effective and innovative solutions to advance products from bench to market.

Vision statement:
Therapure will be the leading global client service and solutions provider for rare and complex proteins derived from mammalian sources.



We strive always to exceed the expectations of our partners, our investors, the regulators, and ourselves. We will maintain our skills, knowledge, know-how, processes, quality systems, and capital assets at an industry leading level.

Our partners' trust is our most valuable asset. Earning and maintaining that trust must guide our actions at all times as we are an extension of their organization.

If there is an issue, we must confront it head on and develop an acceptable solution for our partner. Speak up if you have a concern, do not bury bad news.

Team work:
We will succeed together, whether this is as part of the executive team or working on a project team. We must embrace and excel at project management and respect the skills, abilities and roles of each individual on the team. No one of us is as bright as all of us.

We must be result driven whether it is delivery of our annual profit goals or it is hitting key project or pipeline milestones. When we commit, we must deliver.

Biopharma in Toronto

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) offers a world-class, skilled and productive workforce; a superb telecommunications system; an abundance of prime corporate space/industrial land; and a well-developed transportation network.

Recognized by regulators around the world, Canada is a great hub for global market access. With the fourth largest biotech cluster in North America and home of numerous universities, colleges and research facilities, Canada offers a safe and respected base for your therapeutic protein manufacturing needs.

Toronto is the ideal location to develop and manufacture your protein:

  • Strategically located close to US population centers
  • Canada/EU Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) allows simplified access to European Markets

History and Funding

Therapure was built on the significant manufacturing and scientific experience of a successful Canadian biotech company. Therapure was launched in the third quarter of 2008 as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and since then has completed a series of facility upgrades and capability enhancements. Therapure is privately held by Catalyst Fund Limited Partnership II, a Canadian based private equity fund, and management.

Current Clients

With its broad range of services and robust quality systems, Therapure has successfully worked with a diverse group of clients, including virtual biotech to multinationals, a sample of these clients includes:


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