Transform and Redefine Biopharmaceutical Purification with Innovative Process Solutions

Source: 3M Purification

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Time: 11:00am EDT 

The rapidly growing global market for pharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies for a variety of indications is forcing the biologics industry to develop higher performance manufacturing processes that are cost effective, and are simple in their deployment and operation. Our ability to meet these challenges is directly dependent on our ability to innovate in the bio-process space; to develop solutions that address the pain points in today’s and tomorrow’s bioprocesses in novel ways. .

In this webinar, you will learn about the Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier - a multi-mechanism clarification device that embodies the philosophy of innovation necessary to transform and redefine the mAb purification process.

The unique performance characteristics of the Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier bring significant advantages to the monoclonal antibody purification process, including the following:

1. Chromatographic levels of soluble contaminant reduction at the clarification stage.
2. Enabling the use of 0.1 µm sterile filtration ahead of Protein A column without the use of a pre-filter and with reduced surface area.
3. Significantly enhanced product purity post-protein A column.
4. Potential significant reduction in protein A column capacity fade.
5. Potential reduction or elimination of aggregate formation at the low pH viral inactivation step.
6. Significant reduction in size of the polishing anion exchange column.