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04.14.14 -- Teva And CRT Identify New Cancer Drug Candidate; Lilly To Present Pipeline Data On Cancer Therapies

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Assessing The Future Of The Cold-Chain Industry
The current logistics spend for temperature-sensitive healthcare products is approximately $7.5 billion worldwide and growing, or about 12% of the overall pharma logistics market. Approximately $4.9 billion is spent on transportation while another $2.6 billion is allocated to specialized packaging and monitoring devices. But what will the needs, trends and concerns in market look like in the next 2 to 3 years? Join The Survey.
» The Editor Element
BDP Week Highlights The Importance Of Communication In Biopharma
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online
At this year’s Biopharmaceutical Development and Production (BDP) Week, March 24 to 27 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, I attended several sessions that focused on how to strengthen the relationship between partners in the pharmaceutical industry. One overwhelming theme in each presentation was the importance of communicating effectively and clearly with everyone involved in a project.
Featured Focus: Downstream
Filter Integrity Testing Troubleshooting Guidelines
By Wayne Garafola, Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
Integrity testing is a nondestructive physical test to determine the presence of over-sized pores or other defects that may compromise a given filter’s retention capability.
WHITE PAPER: Security Of Supply For Chromatography Media
VIDEO: Modular, Disposable DHX Heat Exchanger Animation
BROCHURE: Turnkey Single-Use Bioreactor System: HyPerforma
BROCHURE: LifeASSURE PLA Series Bioburden Reducing And Membrane Prefilters
PRODUCT: Genderless AseptiQuik G Connector For 1/4-Inch To 3/4-Inch Sterile Connections
PRODUCT: Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Media
» Upstream
APPLICATION NOTE: Novel Method For The Expansion Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
By Khandaker Siddiquee and Ma Sha
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which have the capability of self-renewal and the potential to divide for a long period of time. They have the ability to differentiate into various specialized cells when appropriate growth factors and conditions are provided.
APPLICATION NOTE: A Homogeneous Assay To Quantify Endogenous AKT Phosphorylation In Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
DATASHEET: Cadence Single-Use TFF Modules 
By Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals
DATASHEET: Automated Single-Use NFF System: SciFlex
By Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration
POSTER: Viral Vector Production In A Single-Use, Fixed-Bed Bioreactor, From Bench Scale To Industrial Scale
By A. Lennaertz, S. Knowles, J.C. Drugmand, and J. Castillo
Wild-type or recombinant viruses used as vaccines and human gene therapy vectors are an important development tool in modern medicine. Some have demonstrated high potential such as lentivirus, paramyxovirus, and adeno-associated virus (AAV).
BROCHURE: Unique Set Of Chemically Defined Media: BalanCD CHO
PRODUCT: Anti Iba1, Polyclonal Antibody, Rabbit
» Supply Chain Integrity
WHITE PAPER: Using Dry Ice When Shipping Air Freight
By Mark Mohr, CSafe Global
Healthcare product manufacturers, transportation providers, and distributors have a moral, and in most cases, a regulatory responsibility to help insure the product arrives to the end user intact. Protection of product efficacy demands use of the latest reliable technologies available. People’s lives truly depend on it.
WHITE PAPER: Using The ISPE's GAMP Methodology To Validate Environmental Monitoring System Software
DATASHEET: Biological Asset Logistics Information 
By Marken
PRODUCT: Monitor Products In Production, Storage, And Transportation: DyzleLiveWare
PRODUCT: Bio-STAR Technology: Clinical Trial Logistics Management
» Quality/Regulatory
APPLICATION NOTE: Hygienic Processing: Elimination Of Dead Space Volume
CASE STUDY: Healthcare Company Expects Online Collaboration To Save Millions Of Euros
BROCHURE: End-To-End Proofreading Inspection Solutions
BROCHURE: vLog Validation System
PRODUCT: Cell Counter For Cell Viability Analysis
PRODUCT: Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment
» Most Recent News
Teva And CRT Identify New Cancer Drug Candidate
Lilly To Present Pipeline Data On Cancer Therapies At AACR 2014
Novartis And MNM Provide 2 Million Anti-Malarial Drugs In Zambia
Merck Serono Initiates Tecemotide Phase 3 Trial In NSCLC
Pharmacyclics Submits sNDA For Imbruvica

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