Single-Use Mixers

Source: Thermo Scientific


Small Volume BPC Mixing System Hardware

A single-use alternative to conventional stirred tank mixers, single-use bioprocessing mixing systems include bags and accessories.

For powerful and efficient mixing of liquid/liquid and powder/liquid in a closed system.

Thermo Scientific HyClone Single-Use Mixer (S.U.M.)
The Thermo Scientific HyClone Single-Use Mixer delivers proven effective mixing of a stirred tank system while using entirely disposable, single-use contact surfaces. With this, the S.U.M. allows you to take advantage of a reduced initial hardware investment, shorter lead time, quicker turn-around, enhanced productivity, a minimized chance of cross-contamination, system mobility and operational flexibility.

HyPerforma Single-Use Mixer DS 300
The HyPerforma Single-Use Mixer DS 300 docking station is a portable mixing station that can dock into mixing drums with a single-use bioprocess container bag or liner.

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