A Single Medium To Support A Wide‐Range Of Development Activities For The Production Of Biologics


By Mark C. Arjona, Catherine Nguyen, Jenny Y. Bang, Tom Fletcher, & Jessie H.T. Ni

In the production of biologics, various development activities require different medium requirements, calling for multiple media. Transitioning from one medium to another typically poses a certain level of risk. BalanCD® CHO Growth A was designed as a high‐performance CHO production medium for batch and fed‐batch processes, however its ability to support other cell line development activities was untested. In this study, the potential of this medium in supporting cell line development activities and scalability to large‐scale production was evaluated. The results demonstrate the additional utility of this medium as a cloning medium and proved its scalability from the 96‐well plate all the way to the 2000L scale. Its compatibility and superior performance in supporting clonalcell selection and expansion assures a seamless transition from one stage of development to the next.The ability to use a single, chemically‐defined medium mitigates the risk involved with switching media throughout development, and shortens development time. With the multitude of commercially available production media and relative scarcity of subcloningmedia, BalanCD CHO Growth A represents a unique, chemically‐defined, and platform‐ready solution for the production of biologics.