Reveleris® Prep Purification System

Source: Grace


A high-performance system with integrated flash and preparative LC in a single compact system

The new Reveleris® Prep purification system is a powerful, high performance instrument with integrated flash chromatography and preparative LC capabilities in a compact intuitive system. The Reveleris® Prep system can be used in flash and preparative modes separately or sequentially, saving the user time by performing their own preparative LC, allowing full control of the purification process without giving up custody of the sample. Easily switch between flash and preparative LC modes with a single touch of the screen, without the need for additional hardware connections. The 3 variable UV-Vis wavelengths plus ELS detection using advanced signal processing to help detect and collect all components from the sample.  Simple software selectable sensitivity control enables a choice of high or low sensitivity according to the mass of compounds being purified or the level of impurities. The unique patented RevealX™ detection technology triggers fraction collection from all detector signals, yielding higher purity compounds in minimal time.

Take Control of your Purification with the  Reveleris® Prep Purification System


Maximize Purity and Recovery of Target Molecules

  • Choose flash or preparative chromatography
  • Use flash cartridges and preparative LC columns
  • Up to 200ml/min in flash and preparative modes
  • Up to 1700 psi in preparative mode
  • 3 channel variable UV-Vis and ELS detection
  • Detects both chromophores and non-chromophores


Simple Set-up, Easy Operation

  • Intuitive, simple software interface
  • Large 12" touch screen system control
  • Switch between flash and prep with a single click
  • No time consuming fluidics changes required
  • Easy cartridge and column installation


Purify a Broad Range of Samples with Complete Control

  • Maintain custody of your sample
  • Single click detector sensitivity
  • Choose how and what to collect
  • Choose speed and/or purity
  • Manage the entire purification process yourself