Reliance Depends On Preventative Maintenance

Source: CSafe Global

By Tony Wright, CEO, Exelsius Cold Chain Management Consultancy

No getting away from it, some things in life are now much easier than they used to be. When I bought my first car, it was all about speed, color and yes, how many girls it would attract. How much time and money I would have to spend to keep it roadworthy, and it was plenty, came as a secondary consideration to all of these.

When choosing a car, I still go for color and speed (reluctantly having to drop the ‘girls’ part if I want to stay married!) and like many of you, I have a maintenance package included in my lease contract. If it needs attention, I take it back to the dealer. I have come to rely on the ease with which the car can be back on the road and/or a temporary replacement being arranged. Quick, simple and convenient with no dirty hands.

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