Case Study

Owens & Minor Warehouse Monitoring System Improves Operational Efficiency

Source: Vaisala, Inc.

Owens & Minor, Mechanicsville, VA, is a leading U.S. supplier of medical and surgical products to hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, alternate care locations, and the federal government. The company serves the medical community from 50 plus distribution centers nationwide, providing consumable goods such as disposable gloves, dressings, endoscopic products, needles and syringes, sterile procedure trays, surgical products and gowns, and urological and wound-closure products.

For many of these products, a climate-controlled environment is required to maintain effi cacy and meet regulatory guidelines. Prior to upgrading their monitoring capability, Owens & Minor used data loggers to measure and record temperatures. Individuals in each distribution center would manually download the data for review and archive purposes. Owens & Minor recognized the ineffi ciency of this process and chose to look for a better solution.

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