Mobile Refrigeration / Freezer Unit: Acutemp AX27L

Source: CSafe Global


AcuTemp mobile refrigerator / freezers are designed to safely and reliably store or transport temperature sensitive goods such as biologics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. With payload sizes available in 27 liters and 56 liters, these versatile, thermal management units are ideally suited for the cold chain needs of hospitals, public health operations, first responders, disaster preparedness, military medical units and laboratory and research facilities.

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The AcuTemp AX27L mobile refrigerator/freezer units are temperature controlled shippers that address the need for a small, non-CFC refrigeration unit that offers energy efficiency, precision temperature control and easy portability. With a 27 liter payload capacity and two temperature set-points (+4°C or -22°C) to accommodate payloads requiring refrigeration or freezing, this mobile thermal management unit is designed to safely transport and store temperature-sensitive vaccines, drugs, specimens and other bio-medical materials.

This versatile cold chain solution is capable of operating for up to five days on battery power only, making it perfect for global distribution of small, temperature-sensitive loads


  • Rugged design withstands abuse of transportation
  • Ice- and coolant-free operation for maximum payload area utilization
  • Locking switch prevents accidental temperature changes
  • Multiple power options provide global compatibility and temperature assurance
  • Grid power and battery are energy efficient
  • Audio and visual alarms signal temperature excursions or low battery

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