Catalog | June 3, 2013

Liquid Handling Solutions Catalog

Source: Hamilton Company

Selecting the right fluid handling components for your device is critical. Parts that are unreliable or do not perform as promised can alter instrument performance, delay market release, greatly increase field service costs and jeopardize the relationship with your customer.

You need a partner that offers product expertise, reduces the time and cost of development and production, simplifies your manufacturing process and helps you gain market share.

Hamilton Company excels at collaborating with you to find the perfect solution that meets every expectation, and that’s why more and more customers are choosing us. Hamilton has been developing answers to countless liquid handling questions for nearly 60 years, and it’s hard to imagine a challenge Hamilton hasn’t already solved. We’ve developed and manufactured specialty and turnkey syringes, valves, diluters/dispensers and pumps for alltypes of applications for companies of all sizes, all around the world. Our customers come to us for worry-free, costeffective components, and Hamilton is proud to deliver every time.