Product Brochure: Flexible Enclosures

Source: ILC Dover

ILC Dover’s flexible enclosures take the concept of a traditional flexible glove bag to a new level. Using the same reliable fabrication techniques and proven containment design features found on our DoverPac® family of products, we’ve produced a line of flexible enclosures adaptable to a wide range of existing equipment. These enclosures save time and money by allowing you to retrofit existing processing equipment while achieving nanogram containment levels. All materials meet FDA standards and the design accommodates cGMP as well as operator ergonomics.

  • Allows operators to work in shirt sleeve environment – increases efficiency
  • 3rd party validated Nanogram containment levels using SMEPAC guidelines
  • Economical
  • Fast turnaround/installation
  • Compatible with a wide range of existing equipment for retrofit
  • Design makes use of existing DoverPac containment details such as crimps, bag/out sleeves, and o-ring interface canisters
  • Ergonomics are improved with an increased range of motion