News | September 24, 2009

Finesse Solutions Introduces The TruViu™ RDPDmini System

Finesse Solutions, LLC, San Jose, CA, a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the release of TruViu™ RDPDmini, a vessel utility tower system for laboratory scale bioreactors, such as glass vessels (<10l) or="" single-use="" rockers.="" the="" rdpdmini="" package="" extends="" the="" truviu™="" family="" into="" low-cost,="" small="" footprint="" applications.="" truviu™="" rdpdmini="" consists="" of="" a="" compact="" utility="" tower,="" and/or="" an="" optional="" gas="" manifold.="" truviu™="" rdpdmini="" brings="" the="" benefits="" of="" industrial="" automation="" reliability="" and="" scalability="" in="" a="" very="" affordable="" package.="" it="" is="" compatible="" with="" both="" deltav™="" and="" intel="" microcontroller="" system="" platforms.="" it="" interfaces="" easily="" with="" finesse="" trubio™="" software="" (either="" deltav="" or="" windows="" ce)="" to="" deliver="" optimal="" bioprocess="" control.="">

TruViu™ RDPDmini delivers the competitive advantages of increased performance, efficiency and reliability, reduced operating costs and improved ease of use in a future-proof package. It is designed to provide a flexible yet plug-and-play configuration, in order to maximize ease-of-use, simplify installation, and provide scheduled maintenance.

TruViu™ PLSS minimizes lab bench space while maintaining hardware capability at 3 pumps, 4 MFCs, 2 analog control loops, 2 analog inputs, and transmitters for critical process parameters as pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature. TruViu™ RDPDmini utilizes state-of-the art transmitters that enable sensor calibration algorithms, and will be upgradable to TruFluor disposable sensor technology for single-use applications.

According to Finesse Solutions VP Hardware, Dr. Alfy Riddle, "Our end users first asked for low cost and minimal footprint bioreactor controller systems, so we developed the modular TruViu™ RDPD. Then they asked us to further reduce size and cost for R&D applications. We responded by creating the TruViu™ RDPDmini."

About Finesse Solutions, LLC
California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, leads the way in developing new measurement and control technologies, in order to enable the transition to single-use systems, bring new capabilities to existing bioreactor platforms, and harmonize global bio-process information transfer. Our current product family provides comprehensive measurement and control solutions for upstream processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

SOURCE: Finesse Solutions, LLC

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