Compact Temperature Controlled Shipper: CSafe SVS Datasheet

Source: CSafe Global

The CSafe SVS is the newest addition to the growing family of CSafe’s temperature management solutions. The SVS was designed to meet the growing need of pharmaceutical manufacturers to have a smaller shipping container with the same performance and reliability of the CSafe RKN.

The unique design of the SVS not only reduces the carbon footprint of shipping less than full pallet loads, but allows for more options and flexibility of flight schedules. As with all CSafe solutions, the thermal design and refrigeration technology maintains temperature-sensitive products at The Right Temperature® during storage and transport. The unit is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial transport whether by road, rail, sea or air. Powered by internal batteries or AC, the unit cools and heats to SVS Product Sheet provide assurance that your payload is maintained at the proper temperature across a variety of climate extremes.

The CSafe SVS is equipped with a display window to allow for continual performance tracking. Advanced datalogging features record temperature and door openings and is viewable via the built in display and easily downloadable via USB without the need for specialist equipment. Easy to read reports can be generated from downloaded encrypted data for verification of temperature performance.

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