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A New Single-Pass TFF Technology To Simplify Processes And Lower Costs

Source: Pall Life Sciences - BioPharmaceuticals

The commercialization of a revolutionary TFF technology by Pall Life Sciences presents opportunities to simplify biopharmaceutical process design and lower capital and operational costs. The new technology, single-pass TFF, is brought to life through Pall’s Cadence systems and modules. This Application Note introduces the design innovations of Cadence single-pass TFF systems to biopharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers.

Flow ratio control brings predictability and precision to the continuous concentration of a feed stream. Flow ratio control means regulating the feed and retentate flow rates to known values to achieve the desired concentration factor. This applies for those applications where the molecule of interest is fully retained by the membrane, which is the case in most biopharmaceutical applications. Applying flow ratio control in a Cadence single-pass TFF system enables operators to achieve concentrations of up to 250 g/L IgG/MAb and concentration factors up to 30X.

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