News | February 23, 2012

BioFlex Single-Use Tubing Assemblies


Meissner's BioFlex tubing assemblies provide secure and convenient fluid paths for use within single-use systems and will easily scale with your process to accommodate flow rates in excess of 100 L/min. The assemblies can also be used in conventional or hybrid facilities to connect single-use and stainless steel processing equipment.

BioFlex assemblies are easily customizable to end-user requirements and can integrate sterilizing-grade through clarification-grade capsule filters. BioFlex assemblies are provided sterile and ready for immediate use, incorporating end-user's required tubing material, connectors, filters, pinch clamps, and other specified components, effectively eliminating the cost and concern of on-site assembly. For applications requiring sterile filtration, pre and post-use integrity testing procedures can be accommodated.

Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch single-use systems used in the sterilization of drugs, reagents, and other critical pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing applications. Meissner provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation, and application support to optimize filtration and single-use fluid management systems. Meissner's global customer base is serviced through a worldwide network of personnel.

SOURCE: Meissner Filtration Products