What Is the Industry Underestimating About An ADC Supply Chain? – Part 2

In this article, Dan Bell, vice president of regulatory compliance and technical affairs for Marken, discusses regulatory challenges, and both he and Nathan Ihle, Ph.D., VP of CMC Strategy and Management at Seattle Genetics, offer best practices to apply when planning your ADC supply chain.

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  • Leadership Lessons From 23andMe’s Jump Into Drug Discovery
    Leadership Lessons From 23andMe’s Jump Into Drug Discovery

    23andMe has been the center of attention quite a bit recently — not only because of its high profile partnerships with Pfizer and Genentech, but also because of the recent FDA approval of its carrier test for Bloom Syndrome. However, perhaps the biggest news for the company as of late was the announcement it is jumping into the drug discovery space.

  • Will China Ever See Its Own Blockbuster Drug?
    Will China Ever See Its Own Blockbuster Drug?

    It’s no secret that China is trying to become an attractive destination for companies looking to hold clinical trials and develop and manufacture drugs overseas. However, I’m also curious about what we can and should expect from the country in terms of innovation — especially when it comes to developing its own high profile drug.

  • FDA News Roundup: Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca, Merck, And More
    FDA News Roundup: Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca, Merck, And More

    What FDA decisions did you miss this week?

  • Where Did The Biobetters Buzz Go?
    Where Did The Biobetters Buzz Go?

    The past few weeks, it seems the word on everyone’s tongue — including my own — has been biosimilars. Since the approval of Novartis’ Zarzio in the U.S., there’s been a lot of discussion and speculation about how this important approval will affect current blockbusters on the market and who will enter the space next. But I’m left with another question: What happened to the buzz over biobetters?

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  • Online Training: Design And Construction/Installation (Facilities And Equipment) Get the latest information on requirements for product and personnel protection, containment, and environmental safety. Understand the implication of personnel and materials flow on layout, as well as the materials and methods of construction of equipment and facilities, particularly from the perspective of cleanliness, functionality, and maintainability.
  • Peristaltic Pump: SmartPump
    Peristaltic Pump: SmartPump

    The Finesse SmartPump series has been designed to meet high precision liquid delivery requirements in upstream and downstream bioprocess applications. The SmartPump series combines industry-known Watson Marlow® pump heads with Finesse electronic SmartBoards. This pairing guarantees optimized control of dosing, feeding, product transfer / harvest, buffer mixing (gradient or step) or general liquid management.

  • FlexAct® UD
    FlexAct® UD FlexAct® UD is the first – and the one and only – system for single-use ultrafiltration processing.
  • Media Development And Optimization
    Media Development And Optimization

    In addition to our high-performing platform basal and feed media, Irvine Scientific offers a Media Development and Optimization™ (MDO) program designed to meet our customers' unique requirements. Irvine Scientific strives to offer best-in-class performance, development time, production turnaround time, and open communication.

  • Biological Asset Logistics
    Biological Asset Logistics

    Marken has trained professionals with global expertise to protect and manage the logistics of biological assets including sensitive drug supply, study specimens with expertise in tissue, ambient, refrigerated, and frozen assets.

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  • Patheon Inc.
    Patheon Inc.

    Patheon Inc. is a leading provider of contract development and manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Patheon provides products and services to more than three hundred of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies.

  • Sartorius Stedim Biotech
    Sartorius Stedim Biotech

    For the biopharmaceuticals industry, Sartorius offers a comprehensive, globally unique program of products and services, ranging from the discovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients to process engineering, from scale-up and production to compliance with regulatory steps.

  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
    Southwest Airlines Cargo

    At Southwest Airlines Cargo®, we understand the urgency of pharmaceutical shipments and know that sometimes overnight is not an option. With Relentlessly Reliable® air cargo service to over 90 destinations, we provide exceptional care so your time critical shipment will arrive ontime, as planned.

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