How Can You Mitigate The Risks Of Single-Use Bags?

The loss of product as a result of bag failure isn’t just an annoyance; it’s an expense, and a costly one at that. However, Chuck Hart, director of manufacturing at Prolong Pharmaceuticals, says with proper fitting and handling, these concerns can be mitigated.

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  • Could AbbVie Hurt Itself With Biosimilar Labeling Demands?
    Could AbbVie Hurt Itself With Biosimilar Labeling Demands?

    In May, the FDA changed its stance on several key points of its draft version of the “Scientific Considerations in Demonstrating Biosimilarity to a Reference Product.” In accordance with these changes, any biosimilar licensed under the PHS Act § 351 (k) no longer needs to contain a statement on its label indicating that it is a biosimilar.

  • Do Biosimilars Fit Into The Innovation Paradigm?
    Do Biosimilars Fit Into The Innovation Paradigm?

    As an industry, pharma is inundated with the term “innovation.” Patent laws and data exclusivity negotiations like the stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are centered around protecting innovation. Bayer recently established a team dedicated solely to pursuing innovation — though board member Kemal Malik was quick to tell Life Science Leader magazine that most people in the industry “have a tough time explaining [innovation].”

  • Could Birth Of “Big Generic” Be Foreshadowing “Big Biosimilar?”
    Could Birth Of “Big Generic” Be Foreshadowing “Big Biosimilar?”

    The past few weeks, the generics market has seen several players jump ship and one company grow significantly — and to some, alarmingly — larger.

  • TPP Negotiations Stall, Hold Back Biosimilars Market
    TPP Negotiations Stall, Hold Back Biosimilars Market

    As if the biosimilar naming debate between brand-name pharmaceutical companies and generic drugmakers wasn’t enough, these two sides continue to challenge each other — this time, over biologics data exclusivity in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

  • New Teva, AstraZeneca Deals To Bolster Emerging Biosimilars Market
    New Teva, AstraZeneca Deals To Bolster Emerging Biosimilars Market

    After this week, it looks like there will be a few big players advancing in the biosimilar market. For those concerned about what a Teva-Mylan acquisition deal would do to the generics industry, recent action on behalf of Teva finally put those fears to bed.

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  • Global Cold Chain Logistics
    Global Cold Chain Logistics

    As cold chain shipments excursions face increased scrutiny from regulators around the world, it is more important than ever before to get it right the first time.

  • 405 Touch Microplate Washer
    405 Touch Microplate Washer

    The 405 Touch Microplate Washer features the new patented* Verify™ Technology, which runs an automated QC check for manifold tube blockage, and visually reports any failed wells.

  • Solutions For On-time, Deficient-Free Delivery Of Medical Supplies, Medicines And Other Products
    Solutions For On-time, Deficient-Free Delivery Of Medical Supplies, Medicines And Other Products

    For the person with diabetes in need of insulin, the heart patient awaiting a monitor or the individual expecting critical lab results, a delay of even one day isn't acceptable. Timely delivery of medical supplies or medication could mean the difference between recovery and relapse.

  • Chromatography Media
    Chromatography Media

    GE Healthcare's range of chromatography media and systems cover several different types of liquid chromatography at all scales of purification from research to process-scale.

  • PureTemp - Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

    The industry’s only USDA Bio Preferred phase change material. ThermoPhase powered by PureTemp bio-based PCMs are non-hazardous, 100 percent renewable and environmentally-friendly. Even after thousands of thermal cycles, tests show PureTemp experiences no thermal degradation.

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  • Grace

    Grace is a global provider of process manufacturing solutions supporting pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our range of solutions includes peptide building blocks for API synthesis, chromatographic media and packing equipment for process purification, and multifunctional silica excipients for pharmaceutical formulation.

  • ILC Dover
    ILC Dover

    As the pioneer of Flexible Containment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry we’ve created a number of products to address the safe handling of highly potent powders. These products are customer driven and address a wide range of processing needs. Coupled together these products permit complete process train containment.

  • Finesse Solutions, LLC
    Finesse Solutions, LLC

    California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, leads the way in developing new measurement and control technologies, in order to enable the transition to single-use systems, bring new capabilities to existing bioreactor platforms, and harmonize global bio-process information transfer.

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    Leveraging Metabolite Biomarkers For Clinical Trials

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