J&J Collaboration Explores Technology With Potential To Revolutionize Drug Development

If the method used to determine whether or not a protein is a viable target for drug development were improved, pharmaceutical companies could potentially avoid the losses associated with finding out too late that a drug has harmful side effects and/or a lack efficacy. So how can pharma do this? Well, fortunately for them, some new technologies are now available to enhance their ability to select and evaluate safer targets in improved cell systems.

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  • The Next Generation Drug Delivery Devices

    An exciting trend in drug delivery is underway: the movement toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices that allow patient-administered therapy. Inspired by the technological advancements driving the consumer electronics market, new methods for drug delivery show great promise for all stakeholders.

  • Wireless Dose-Compliance Monitoring In Drug-Delivery Devices

    Incorporating wireless technology into medical devices is about more than just keeping up with the hottest technology trends; the benefits are real and significant, especially with regard to monitoring and encouraging dose compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical realm.

  • The Next Generation of Drug-Delivery Devices

    Drug-delivery markets are moving toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices that permit patient-administered therapy Smart technology, when applied to drug-delivery, describes the new electromechanical operation, and the self-administration of drugs by the patient. Related smartphone and tablet apps for multi-device integration are also made available. Advantages of smart drug-delivery include improved therapies, reduced costs, increases patient compliance, and better health outcomes.

  • Best Practices In Supply Chain Management: A CMO Perspective

    Supply chain management has advanced rapidly over the past decade, evolving from what was once dubbed “materials management” into the essential glue that binds all aspects of a business’ internal and external collaborations.

  • Key Considerations When Choosing A Partner For Drug Discovery

    The changes in the economic landscape and pipelines over the last 10-15 years have resulted in drug developers in companies of all sizes to take a hard look at their strategy and operations.

  • Losing Everything: Are Chart Recorders Enough?

    Perhaps, unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar: You arrive at work on Monday morning and hear an alarm sounding from your refrigerator. You walk over to your fridge to check the chart recorder and see abnormal spikes on the paper graph, but a detailed analysis by quality control personnel is required to take any action whatsoever. You find out that the chart doesn’t show enough data for a quality-based decision, so the product inside has to be discarded. Panic sets in. The monetary value of the supplies pales in comparison to the fact that patients today are relying on the medicine inside.

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  • How Califf As FDA Commissioner Could Benefit Biosimilar Market

    There are still many key decisions that the FDA needs to make when it comes to biosimilars. Why should we feel optimistic that Califf is the man to make them?

  • Is Pharma Competitiveness Obscuring The Biosimilar Market’s Potential?

    There is no shortage of research reports in the pharma industry forecasting the potential success or failure of emerging therapeutic markets. However, considering the pharma industry seems to have erupted into a civil war over whether or not the market will be as successful as predicted, it is difficult to get a sense of where the market is actually headed.  

  • Could 96 Percent FDA Drug Approval Rate Harm Biosimilar Market?

    Last week, Matthew Herper of Forbes published an eye-opening article providing a closer look at FDA approvals in recent years, coming to the conclusion that the industry is facing what could be a dangerously high approval rate for new drugs. But how could high approval rates be a bad thing?

  • FDA Releases Long Awaited Guidance On Biosimilars Naming

    After months of debate between reference product makers and generic manufacturers, the FDA released its long-awaited guidance proposing a naming strategy for biosimilars.

  • Could AbbVie Hurt Itself With Biosimilar Labeling Demands?

    In May, the FDA changed its stance on several key points of its draft version of the “Scientific Considerations in Demonstrating Biosimilarity to a Reference Product.” In accordance with these changes, any biosimilar licensed under the PHS Act § 351 (k) no longer needs to contain a statement on its label indicating that it is a biosimilar.

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  • HyPerforma™ Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.)

    The S.U.F. is engineered for optimal oxygen mass transfer, mixing, and temperature control, and performs comparably to traditional stainless steel systems. Using traditional, fundamental engineering principles, scale-up and process development work is streamlined – offering you cost savings and efficiency. 

  • Foresight™ Prepacked Plates And Columns

    Foresight filter plates and columns are prepacked with a range of Bio-Rad process chromatography media, offering process scientists convenience and reliability for their high-throughput experimentation needs.

  • Vent/Air Filters

    LifeASSURE™ PFS series PTFE filters offer the ultimate in microorganism retention for air and gas streams while providing superior air flow capacity.

  • Inline Conditioning For Process Chromatography

    GE Healthcare has delivered a wide range of IC systems for researchers and process engineers who need to formulate buffer solutions precisely at the time of use using stock solutions of the buffer components, providing a reproducible, fully automated IC process.  

  • Formulation Development

    The formulation scientists at Cook Pharmica have great experience in a variety of formulations and product presentations. The development team will integrate the biophysical and biochemical characterization of your molecule with the final product format, developing a formulation that will ensure delivery of a stable product to the patient.

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  • World Courier Management

    World Courier is the largest, most successful specialty courier company in the world. World Courier pioneered the offering of specialty logistics services for the medical and bio-pharmaceutical communities, transporting the first human heart tissue for transplant in 1984.

  • Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

    The integrated resources of Hach help you monitor compliance to pharmaceutical water and cleanroom facility standards. Our world-renowned instrumentation combined with our associates' expertise gives you the confidence to move towards parametric release and process peace of mind.

  • 3M Purification, Inc.

    3M Purification is a world leader in advanced depth filtration systems and membrane-based separations, offering a range of high performance and high quality products to meet a variety of processing challenges facing today's bioprocess industry.

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