• Navigating Brazil’s Emerging Biosimilar Market
    Navigating Brazil’s Emerging Biosimilar Market

    The Latin American markets, and especially Brazil, hold great promise for biosimilar development, PlantForm CEO Don Stewart says. In recent years, many partnerships have been launched in Brazil between local and international companies to bolster the country’s biosimilar development. However, there are a number of things companies looking to forge joint ventures in Brazil need to keep in mind for success.

Some Biopharma Haven’t Caught Outsourcing Enthusiasm

I often write – and you read – about those individuals at biopharma companies openly enthusiastic about outsourcing. Not too long ago, though, I ran into a person who seemed to outdo the others in absolute embrace of this model. But here’s the catch: Her company won’t allow her enthusiasm to be shared “on the record.”

“Growing” Biosimilars: How Plants Bolster Manufacturing Efficiency

Roughly 15 to 20 years ago, a number of pharmaceutical companies raised money to employ tobacco technology in drug development. Unfortunately, this rush did not lead to the success many were hoping for. However, the successes of recent players in this space suggest pharma could be entering a new age in plant-based manufacturing.

Will Medicare Part D Make Biosimilar Manufacturers Pay?

Despite biosimilars’ reputation as cheaper alternatives to costly biologics, Medicare Part D patients likely won’t see great savings at least not right away. According to a recent Avelare Health report, there are two ways patients could see reduced biosimilar out-of-pocket costs. But one of these solutions could place a big burden on biosimilar manufacturers. 

4 Questions From The PDA Annual Meeting

A few weeks back I attended the 2016 PDA Annual Meeting held in San Antonio. In general, the main thrust of the conference focused on the technologies and approaches being applied by biopharma manufacturers as they move their therapies from development through commercialization.

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